“True Love/True Self captures your heart, touches your soul, and inpsires you to have hope, courage and strength in the midst of life’s greatest challenges. An inspirational work of encouragement for anyone.”
Les Brown, Motivational Speaker, Author and TV Personality

Your Outer World Is A Reflection
Of Your Inner World.
The Most Important Question Is…

Are You Willing To Change It?

Two months before her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, Barbara lost Patrick, the love of her life… and discovered that she did not know how to love herself! Lost, confused, and hopeless, she sabotaged friendships, rejected life, and spiraled into a deep depression. Barbara’s story reveals how spiritual laws led her to an expanded view of love – and how you too can live your life feeling more empowered, more authentic, and more loving.

Barbara shares her story, her vision, and her own walk through personal tragedy to a peaceful place of self-love and acceptance with courage and grace. Her words will not only touch your heart, but inspire your soul.
~ Michele Neff Hernandez, Founder and Executive Director Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation

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True Love, True Self is a must read to awaken the possibilities and the power that lives within each of us.”
~ Dr. Dawn Bain, Ageless Wisdom for Modern Business

This book is for you IF…

  • you want to embrace change as an opportunity for personal self-growth and enlightenment
  • you have lost a loved one and don’t know what’s next
  • you are grieving and don’t know how to accept change
  • you are going through a major transition and are feeling powerless
  • you have experienced a trauma that is stopping you from experiencing joy and happiness
  • you are seeking a deeper connection to spirit and universal laws
  • you are a perfectionist, feeling stuck, lost, and confused
  • tired of your “inner critic” ruling your life
  • you desire to feel more loving, more accepting, and more connected to your authentic self
  • you want more focus, clarity, and a deeper understanding of your heart’s desires


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Barbara Daoust speaks from the heart with integrity, authenticity and wisdom. She touches the soul from a very personal place of love and understanding. She is a beautiful revelation of healing energy.”
~ Rev James Mellon, NoHo Art Center for New Thought


“Transform Your Life”
Guided Meditation mp3

Evolve Into Your MagnificenceIncludes 4 Guided Meditations (described below)


These 4 Guided Meditations Are Specifically Created to Move You Forward



This guided visualization is to help you align with your future self so that you can gain confidence, and know your truth by knowing that your future already exists. Your future is full of joy and abundance. You can prepave your future by knowing who you are becoming.



This meditation takes only a few minutes of your time and will help you to raise your vibration so that you feel connected with your highest knowing that you are source energy. When you understand that your higher self, your source, wants the best for you and wants you to align with the highest vibrations of love, joy, gratitude, and abundance, you will open to the energy of your life flow. When you are flowing, life is exciting. This way you get to close the gap between you and your heartfelt desires.



In this meditation you will talk to a part of you that is your subpersonality. You will give it a new vision of who you are and what you want to manifest in your life. This is also a rapid way to transform beliefs that are no longer serving you. Your subpersonality may be an un-evolved part of you that needs your guidance to have a more evolved, or mature understanding of the changes that you would like to make in your current situation.



The process of manifesting is about focusing your desires in such a way that your level of belief is so high and supports your thinking. When you have a high level of belief, combined with an intensity of desire, and choose to consistently commit to the level of thinking, feeling, speaking, and acting that is congruent with your desires, you will emit frequencies that are at the same frequency of your desires.

Music by Emmy Award Winning Composer, Gary Malkin

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including all 4 Meditations here


Barbara Daoust is a Spiritual Teacher, Transformation Coach, Speaker and Author. She teaches workshops, tele-seminars, and coaches individuals how to embrace change as an opportunity for personal, professional, and spiritual growth. She shows people who feel stuck, lost, and confused how to move forward in their lives so that they can experience a more fulfilling life of joy, abundance, and true happiness. After the loss of her husband, facing devastating loss and reinvention, Barbara was guided to study Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and certified as a Quantum Laws Coach with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. As a result, her life has truly transformed. Find out more about Barbara’s Transformational Coaching here. 

If you’d like to carry Soul Notes Affirmation Vessels in your retail store, please contact Barbara directly
email : barbara(at)barbaradaoust (dot) com or
phone : 818-761-8377

What People Are Saying About Coaching with Barbara:

I have worked with Barbara since 10-10-10 and taken a couple of her tele-classes. This is what I can say – my entire life has changed! Her processes, teachings and love for her work has transformed me and taken me to where I always wanted to be, but did not know how to get there. Emotionally, spiritually, physically – all changed. I have studied metaphysics for over 20 years and this was the piece I was missing. Thank you Barbara!
– Dee Baldus
“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.”

Barbara Daoust is a master teacher and coach. Through her classes and private sessions, she affects the lives of all who are willing to benefit from her gentle but firm approach. Guiding you through the maze of your mind, she coaxes out the traps and blocks that keep you stuck. She is an expert at pinpointing the core of your challenges. Once this has been determined, you can bring focus and clarity to what you DO want and manifesting is not far away. I have experienced significant break-throughs working with Barbara. And I’ve seen many others do the same. She has an innate understanding and experience of the Universal Laws and a clear way of conveying them to her students.
– Linda Hough, Ignite Your Biz Now

Barbara, Just wanted to say how wonderful your “Magnetize and Manifest” tele- conferences are! They are so inspiring! I feel you have a “special gift” to give to people that is so rare. You use the exact words or phrase that hits the mark. The fountain meditation you gave us, I use all the time. Especially if I feel that feeling of lack it goes away quickly and I’m back on track. My husband also found some tools to use from the teleconferenance and is feeling much better. Thanks again.
-Debbie and Pat Carden

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, how do we get those results to change?  Barbara Daoust’s talent as a Coach is to help us peel away the insanity and provide us with insight into our own situations.  I feel blessed to have her guidance.  I knew that I was getting the same results with what I was doing, but I didn’t know how to create the change that I needed and wanted to make my life more abundant.  I have made enormous steps in the right direction in the last year through her coaching.  I have reached amazing goals for my new business that I am so grateful for, regardless of the unemployment rate or housing market.  It’s a great thing to know that success is happening within me and Barbara helped to make that happen! – Senior Living Consultant, Southern California

Working with Barbara has changed my life.  Changed my life!  I was stuck in old habits and beliefs.  Barbara helped me see how I was holding myself back. She gave me the tools to move forward into success and happiness.  I am forever grateful to her, her love, compassion and support. – Financial Planning Expert, Southern California

Barbara’s coaching really changed my life. I feel so connected to my emotions and others emotions. I now have the right tools to live a joyful, happy, fulfilled life. She really knows how to bring your awareness and your consciousness to new levels. I feel I am living on such a higher vibration than before and it feels great! – Sandra Baker

Barbara has been such an amazing life coach for me. She is such a powerful woman and I love seeing her spread her light wherever she goes. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful positive person in my life. – Nancy Fielding

Working with Barbara has changed me more in 16 weeks than years of therapy. I had been emotionally crippled by codependency and PTSD from an extremely abusive childhood, and didn’t know it for 58 years. When I finally learned that I had PTSD, getting myself back from an episode was a monumental task, and previously always required outside help.
Since working with Barbara, as an LOA coach, I have tools that prevent me from having many episodes, and when I do have an episode, I am able to get myself out of it quickly. Living consciously has allowed me to identify the various scenarios that compose the traumatic flashbacks. This has removed the panic that surrounded me during an episode. I am truly grateful. I am experiencing liberation on levels I never dreamed of.
– Dr. Barbara von Mettenheim, CISSP

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara Daoust and experiencing her many gifts as a facilitator, healer, coach, and artisan. She is one of those people with a vast amount of resources that she utilizes to assist, inspire and counsel others toward a more authentic, richly fulfilling life. She is dynamic, sincere, funny, and massively creative. She shares her gifts with joy, radiance and enthusiasm that uplifts and transforms. I count her as one of the finest human beings I have ever encountered and give her my most highly regarded endorsement. – Suzanne Jordan

Barbara is a gifted coach, artist, teacher and advocate. Her affirmation jewelry is inspired, elegant, beautifully unique – a wonderful gift to encourage oneself or a special friend. As an Affirmation Coach, Barbara is fantastic to work with. Her wisdom and intuition give her great instincts to know what a client needs to work on. Her positive faith in people, ability to practice sacred listening and discernment, authentic enthusiasm, rich sense of humor, and sincere encouragement render great results. She really helped me to allow and interpret the creative longings of my soul and taught me how to positively transform the inevitable obstacles which arise whenever we reach toward our potential. I’m now having so much fun working toward fulfilling my dreams. Barbara is a joy and a gem! – Mira

I have known Barbara for a long time. She is my mentor or “Guru” if you may. She has such a beautiful and gentle soul and she is great at attracting amazing things into her life. She has blessed me with so many tools to know how to live a positive, fulfilled, happy, peaceful life. Her affirmation jewelry on top of her coaching sessions has really made me understand what it means to love myself and approve of myself. I love her and what she is doing for others. Barbara’s positive energy is contagious.
– Kirstin Erickson

I was laid off in October 2008 and the same week I began my coaching sessions with Barbara. In them I learned the Law of Attraction, and the Art of Allowing. She helped me release negative beliefs. Plus the results worked easily, and quickly. I got hired at the beginning of February 2009. I love every part of my new job. I honestly believe that without her guidance I would have not been able to transform my life and get the job I
have always wanted.
– Elizabeth Simmons

Barbara Daoust is a treasure and a joy to work with! As a Transformation Coach, Barbara is helping me to re-align my thinking/feeling/intention about my deepest aspirations and she provided me with concrete, easy to use affirmation techniques on the path to realizing my potential. Her kindness, generosity of spirit, fun personality, clear intuition, sincerity, and contagious enthusiasm make the coaching process a rich, edifying and enjoyable.
I’ve made more progress in reaching my goals during the first few weeks of working with Barbara than I’ve been able to make for a long time while working by myself. Barbara’s coaching process is well worth my investment many times over!
– Carol Hexner

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