Barbara Speaking at Jason Nelson’s event:


Science has shown that everything in our universe is energy. Our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings affect our outer experience in life. In other words, our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Through universal quantum laws you can create change and manifest your desires at quantum speed. You can become a deliberate creator of the experience that you want to have in your life if you believe that you can. It takes conscious deliberate effort to change old patterns and to take inspired action toward achieving your goals. Barbara inspires, motivates, and shows you how to unlock your blocks, release your inner critic and connect to your truth so that you can get out of your way in order to achieve success and happiness in your life!

An Example of Presentation Topics:

Through Resistance to Greatness!
Get Smarter Than Your Brain!
The Knowing/Doing Gap.
Trample the Terror Barrier!
Breakthrough Self-Sabotage
Say “Goodbye” to Procrastination

An Example of Workshops:

Create Your Future Now!
In this workshop people connect with their future goals, and learn how to create their desires through the power of intention and future visioning. Without a goal, people are lost. Without a vision there is no destination and you live life by default.

Booking an Event:

If you are a meeting planner or book speakers for events, you’ll find Barbara’s talks and workshops are for people who want to step into their value and be motivated to take inspired action so that they can achieve personal and professional success. For bookings please contact Dee Baldus at itsddb@gmail.com or 818-742-1100. Or contact Barbara at Barbara@barbaradaoust.com or 818-761-8377.

What clients are saying:

“My sales quadrupled due to her constant encouragement to accept and believe that the loving support I yearned for was already all around me!
”-Sheryl Lynn 
Beautiful Life Productions

“I feel more joy and excitement for both my life now and what the future will bring. She is an amazing catalyst for positive change and I will definitely work with her again.” – Jen Callow
 Performance Artist

What people who have booked her are saying:

“Barbara Daoust speaks from the heart with integrity, authenticity and wisdom. She touches the soul from a very personal place of love and understanding. She is a beautiful revelation of healing energy.”

– Rev James Mellon, NoHo Art Center for New Thought


Barbara Daoust is a Spiritual Teacher, Success Coach, Speaker, Author and ”Thinking into Results” Consultant with Bob Proctor’s Life Success Productions. She teaches workshops and coaches clients how to create change, adapt to change, & embrace change to help them move forward in their lives. She guides people to let go of self-sabotage, say goodbye to procrastination, and break-up with their inner critic so that they can stop postponing their lives, dare to be bold and step into their greatness.

Barbara has an MFA in Theatre Directing from UCLA. She spent most of her career in Theatre Arts, Film, and Television as a director, acting coach, writer, and producer. She founded two theatre companies and coached celebrity actors for film, video, and television for more than twenty-five years. Some of her students include Laurie Holden of “Walking Dead”, Aaron Paul of “Breaking Bad”, Vanessa Hudgens of “High School Musical” and “Spring Breakers”, Shane West of “Once and Again” & “Nikita”, Elizabeth Olsen of “Martha Marcy May Marlene” and the Olsen Twins of “Full House” fame.

Personal Journey:

After the tragic loss of her husband two months before her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, facing depression for the first time in her life, not knowing which direction to take, what decisions to make, or how to survive her grief, she was guided to opportunities and experiences that helped her to rebuild her life and make a transition in her career. She attended the Spiritual Psychology Master’s Program at the University of Santa Monica , became a certified Coach through the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and is a certified “Thinking into Results” Consultant.

“True Love, True Self”:

Barbara’s book True Love/True Self : A Journey to Self-Love is about how her greatest loss and pain taught her that she didn’t know how to love herself. She shares tools and processes to help you align with your true self and shows you how to embrace change as your biggest opportunity for personal growth and self-love.

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